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Still sitting at one download. The excitement has faded and depression has taken it's place. I am now selling my childhood away and then some. If you want to own some remnant of my pathetic life, please continue reading.

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The Famous Radiant Charizard

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Not Dragon, Dragon
Not Dragon, Dragon


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Not Dragon, Dragon
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The Tale of Not Dragon, Dragon Challenge

Chapter 1 Intuition

Intuition refers to the power or faculty of acquiring direct knowledge or cognition without explicit rational thought or inference, as defined by Merriam-Webster's online dictionary. It is often described as a fortuitous guess, a hunch, or a gut feeling, and is a form of knowing without explicit awareness. Albert Einstein once stated that the intuitive mind is a sacred gift, while the rational mind is a faithful servant, and that society has created a culture that values the latter while disregarding the former. Despite this, intuition is often overlooked, and decisions are made based on experience, biases, tacit knowledge, or explicit knowledge.

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