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My Portfolio

Please take a look at my works, nothing impressive but I am building up quite a library.

Not Dragon, Dragon

Not Dragon, Dragon

The first release of my hyper casual line of games! Not Dragon, Dragon measures your level of intuition or luck! However luck will only take you so far. Train up your intuition by playing Not Dragon, Dragon today.

Sticker Funms (Fun-ems)

Sticker Funms

Collecion of stickers for iMessage!

Clicky Farm

Clicky Farm

You click until your fingers are crippled with carpal tunnel or you get tennis elbow. Which ever comes first!

Crypt Quest

Crypt Quest

Puts you in the role of a developing vampire hunter. The more vampires you vanquish, the higher your notoriety.

Heal from Home

Heal from Home app

Trying something new here. I am all about natural remedies and holistic healing so I decided to create an app to share home remedies.

Animated Screens

Animated Screens app

I love Halloween. I love the decorations, the autumn weather, dressing up the house, the traditions and pretty much everything related. So, I had a couple of tiny decorations sitting on my desk at work and I had just updated our internal TV to have the falling leaves effect. Then I thought, man it would be cool if one of my screens had a Halloween themed animated display. I went home and this was the result.

Valentine Heartbreak

Valentine Heartbreak

This was a no brainer after Twelve Days! It is basically a reskin of Twelve Days with Valentine's Day as the theme. It was fun thinking of insults. Still need more, you can submit your own on the project page.

Twelve Days

Twelve Days game

One of my favorite games on the PC is Microsoft's MineSweeper. I thought it would be to great reimagine the game. My favorite part of making this game was the logic on placing the coals. This is a diluted version since you have three chances but it fit with the story. Also, the elf voice is a secret recording of my wife. I have no idea what she was saying but it sounds cute in the game.

Balloon Traveler

Balloon Traveler game

After I got my feet wet with the endless flyer Bat Crazy, I decided my next game needed more depth. So with this entry I added the star ratings and levels. Overall, I was pleased with my second entry. Not perfect but I learned much through the process and yes that is me voicing Phineas. A coworker wrote the poem which I thought was really good considering he did it in one evening. The other thing that was different about this was I created a separate application to be the star generator. That was fun to create!

Bat Crazy

Bat Crazy game

The game that started it all! This was my first venture into mobile game development. It was also the game that drew the ire of an angry German!

Lucky Sun Lottery

Lucky Sun Lottery

I have always loved the idea of lottery. Spend a couple of bucks and your life is changed forever. To me the fantasy of winning is worth the dollar or two. I enjoy filling empty spaces of thought in a world of what if's. So, I decided that I would make a lottery app. I really need to reimagine this one, it is very old and needs an update.