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Not Ninja, Ninja!

The Game

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My very own clicker game. My twist is pulling down the latest corn price and using it as the price you get when you harvest your corn.

I am looking for a few brave souls to soft launch this with. If you are intersted, please email me here. Trying to do this the right way and put out a fun product. Any help is appreciated!

clicky farm

The Art of Clicking

So much happening! See you click, then you click some more and guess what?! You click even more! You click until you become crippled with carpal tunnel or tennis elbow. Then you click some more. Why? I don't know, maybe it is because you want to get that cute Panda clicker?! Just play and find out!

click game

Daily Bonus Game

Who doesn't like a little board game action?!

bonus game


It looks so old!


What people are saying:

Coworker: "What do you do?"
Me: "You click the chicken."
Coworker: "Oh, this would get boring to my kid."
If you live in a stone house, don't throw glasses!
some guy
"Why is it that sometimes you seem manly and sometimes effeminate?"
"Heredity, I suppose."
"Yeah. Half my ancestors were men and the other half were women."
some other guy